Seventeen years ago, I wandered off my chosen life path. After earning my BA, I had planned to enroll in an MFA program, where I would meet and learn from acclaimed authors, enhance my writing skills, and learn the tricks of the publishing trade. Instead, after traipsing around Europe for a month with my dear friend Wendy, I decided to put higher education on hold for a few years, because what better experience for a writer than living and working abroad?

I had intended to write my way through Spain, through its meandering, cobblestoned streets, its tapas bars, its inexhaustible nightlife, its shimmering beaches and snowcapped mountain tops, its sidewalk cafés, its Jamón Iberico and Tortilla Española and Paella Valenciana, and then return to the states to continue my studies. However, once I started teaching English and living the good life, the European life, I stopped writing, almost completely, and I remained in Spain, creating a brand new life for myself.

Fast forward to the present. Last year, inspired by my friend and childhood next door neighbor, Karen Poppy, who exploded onto the publishing scene with her poetry and prose, I returned to the passion that had, as long as I can remember, kindled my soul. I started writing poems again, submitting poems for the first time, and receiving acceptance letters for poems. Now that my words are out in the world, I feel I can truly call myself a poet. 

I created this blog as a gathering place for all my published work. I have provided links to my poems that have been or will be published online, as well as information surrounding the print journals.

I hope you enjoy what you find here. Thank you for reading.

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